Summer studies abroad program

This program is designed to welcome students from specific partner universities for either 4, 6 or 8 weeks (June-July)
in a complete, “framed”, comfortable educational
programme all inclusive. No French is required.


Why and who ?

You sould apply if you want :
– A « + » on your CV : international experience makes you more marketable
– A safe and well-organized stay in France
– Assistance by our Program Assistants
– To earn credits towards your degree
– To learn basics in French : even though there is no language prerequisite and the language used will be English

Who can apply ?

The SSAP is currently open to :
– Students from Kansas State University, Purdue University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, the University of Florida, Colorado State University, Washington State University, Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey, Sam Huston State University, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech and South Dakota State University.
– Students from selected partner universities outside the United States : ITESO, ITESM, Amity University, AUB.
– Other applications may be considered.

The program

The Summer Study Abroad Program (SSAP) at PURPAN offers an on-campus program in June and it is then followed by either an optional internship for 4 weeks in July or an optional 2-week study tour in July.

It consists of lectures in English coupled with field trips and intensive French courses. During most weekends, cultural visits and excursions are organized in the South-West of France and there is also a weekend planned in Barcelona, Spain.

– The first two weeks are dedicated to European Culture & Agricultural Economics and European Animal Production & Economics.
– During the last two weeks focus, you will choose between 2 options when applying for the program: Food Option and Viticulture & Enology option

The internship is a 4-week placement, in July, on a farm, or within an agri-related business (examples: vineyard, cattle farm, cheese making farm). Usually, the students will be immersed within a family, English speaking or not, also interested in the cultural exchange. The students are expected to take part in the everyday tasks on the farm, hands-on experience according to knowledge & experience.

The study tour is focused on quality labels and consists of visits of companies and farm operations in the Dordogne area. The 1st week will be dedicated to labels related to Plant Production while the 2nd week will be focused on labels for Animal Production.

Downloads and application

Downloads :

Application :

Contact the international office from your university.


Should you have any questions on our Summer Program, please contact us :