A human formation.
Pedagogical innovations

Why choose Purpan's engineering school

Our training courses lead to the leading employment sector in France (14% of jobs) and to a very wide range of more than 300 professions.
The School emphasizes the fundamentals in the training process:
• Acquisition of the engineer’s skills
• Personal development
• Professionalization with 15 months of supervised internships
• Obtaining a generalist degree
• 9 months of international experience for nearly 100% of students
• Training in and through research.
The engineering degree, awarded in the life sciences, leads to responsibilities, both in France and internationally, in companies or organizations that recognize the qualities of our engineers as essential.
The human training, specific to PURPAN, gives students a dimension that is highly appreciated by companies: attachment to the agricultural world, proximity to the field, adaptability, versatility, integrity.


Learn, experiment, vibrate !

Our courses

Bac +3


Bac +3

Agro-bachelor en apprentissage 2

Bac +5

Engineering program

Build your future in the universe of the living.

Our campus

PURPAN students are based on two campuses located in the Toulouse region.
THE TOULOUSE CAMPUS: The very heart of the School, where several thousand students have been trained.
LE CAMPUS DE LAMOTHE: The School’s farm where students benefit from a “field device.

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Student life

Student life at the very heart of the School’s pedagogical and human project.
Human training at the School gives a major place to student life and to the involvement of each student in the service of others through a strong commitment to associations.
The Student Office coordinates the committees (sports, parties, internal events, conferences, etc.) and the many clubs and associations.

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La coopération internationale est une priorité pédagogique majeure pour PURPAN et un domaine d’excellence reconnu de l’Ecole.


Business proximity, Purpan’s trademark.