Student life

Joining PURPAN means becoming involved in the school’s associative life.

Learning responsibility and commitment to others are key elements of citizenship education. PURPAN supports and encourages actions initiated by students in line with the values advocated by the School. It is part of its strategy to encourage student sports, associations and clubs.


Clubs and associations

PURPAN supports and encourages student-initiated actions. The human training at the School gives a major place to the development of the students and to the commitment of each one to the service of others.

On the PURPAN campus, the school has numerous sports and leisure facilities available to students and sports associations: rugby, football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball and petanque courts.

The sports teams are involved in various university championships (rugby, football, basket…) (rugby, football, basketball, etc.) as well as in national competitions (Ovalies, Spi Dauphine, 4L Trophy, etc.).
Several international sportsmen and women (rugby, horseback riding, etc.) have also followed their training at PURPAN in an adapted curriculum. (Ex : Yannick Jauzion ou Florian Vialelle, joueurs professionnels de rugby, tous deux diplômés de l’Ecole.)

The School also makes other platforms available to Purpan student associations.
It can be plots of land but also laboratories so that students who wish to do so can use them for their associative activities. (e.g. production of fruit and vegetables, beer or cheese).

The Student Office (BDE) coordinates the committees (sports, parties, internal events, communication, conferences). A dynamic Student Office, which guarantees the animation of student life.
It manages specific facilities (student hostel, sports facilities, etc.) and clubs (photography, music, theatre, hiking, cinema, etc.).
Throughout the year, the BDE provides a range of cultural, sporting and festive activities.
He is in weekly contact with the School’s management to improve the quality of life on campus.

The School has more than 20 clubs and non-sporting associations. The human training at the School gives a major place to student life and to the commitment of each individual in the service of others.

List des blocs

Accommodation & catering

The School has an accommodation service to facilitate the search for students in close proximity to the School.

The School’s environment and history greatly simplify the search process. Various solutions are available, including collective housing, co-location, individual apartments and individual units in houses. All these solutions cover a wide range of accessible prices

A university restaurant, supported by the CROUS, located at the Veterinary School for 3 schools in western Toulouse. It is 5 minutes away from the school.

On site, the Students’ Office organises various fast food options.

Whether or not they receive grants, students are entitled to Visale as a guarantee for their unpaid rent, at no additional cost to their rental contract. Before applying for this assistance, make sure you have done your exit inventory with the landlord of your previous home.

To help students during this complicated period, the Crous has set up a whole range of assistance to help you in your daily life. On you can find all the information about the aid you can claim. It should be noted that all these aids can be combined and will enable you to ease your daily life, pay your bills or even take your driving test, for example, either by starting the code training free of charge by finding books in a library or on the ornikar site, which offers free devices.


Documentation & Information Center

A document library is available to support the School’s teaching and research activities. The library boasts 14,000 works, close to 3,000 documents, 230 current subscriptions and several hundreds of old collections.

Students have access to the electronic resources of leading scientific publishers in partnership with INP Toulouse.

Give future engineers the ability to mobilise all forms of documentary sources to further and advance their professional projects. Sessions specifically covering documentary research techniques are held throughout the course with educational exercises based on detecting, selecting, analysing and summarising information, including internship reports, bibliographical papers and student theses.

The Documentation & Information Centre also lends support to lecturers and doctoral students for their scientific documentation work.

Manager : Anne Giraudel

Opening hours: Monday to Friday without interruption 9:30 am – 6 pm

Visit the document portal of the PURPAN School of Engineering.

Sports facilities

At the Purpan School of Engineering, we know how important it is for our students to be able to practice a sport regularly. We provide them with several sports facilities:

• a rugby field
• a tennis court
• a basketball court
• handball
• volleyball

Parties at Purpan

PURPAN is one of the few schools that organises, in collaboration with the students, parties and events in which everyone learns to combine joie de vivre, celebration and self-control.

Thus, each class and all students have the opportunity to organise their own events, in compliance with the law and the school’s rules. Everyone can then demonstrate their responsible commitment.