International students

Welcome to PURPAN in Toulouse!

Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN is a 100-year-old School, small by the size and student number, but defined by a very rich DNA: «nurturing humanity». We include about 1,600 students, around 180 teaching and administrative staff and 160 visiting/professional lecturers.

We teach and carry out research in the fields of Agriculture, Life Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Marketing and Management. We specialize in the management of industry sectors and chains.

Students from partner institutions can join PURPAN in Toulouse for an exchange period. They can also join us for Double Degree opportunities.

If you wish to study at PURPAN as a full-time degree-seeking student, you can also join us in one of our Master program.

Come and visit our school !

2023 ‘incoming” students at the Campus de Lamothe

Exchange opportunities

If your university/school has got a partnership agreement with us, you can come and study for an exchange period of a semester or a full year, as an Incoming student. You can also join for Double Degree opportunities if the agreement with our partner allows so.

Depending on the level of studies and the language of teaching, you can join one of the following programs:

– In French : “Programme Ingénieur”
– In English : IBC “International Bachelor Course”
– In English : Global Semester
– In English : Sustainable Luxury

Process :
1 – Online nomination link and Fact Sheet are sent to our partners prior to the nomination period
2- Upon nomination, students are sent online application link and instructions
3 -After validation of application, students will receive their Letter of Acceptance


A unique opportunity to discover French/European « Agri-Culture »

The SSAP was created in 1995 to welcome students from our bilateral partner universities. Together, we designed this academic, multi-cultural program which has been continuously improved to match student wishes and academic requirements. Thanks to this, 760 students from many countries have lived this two-month international experience.

2024 students who made their own bread at PURPAN !

Degree-seeking studies

You might want to come and study full-time at École d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN  (EI PURPAN) to share our very rich DNA: «nurturing humanity». Each student, faculty, alumni or partner of the School understands and can make her or his own:

– the passion for our planet, as well as for our communities, and the love of our land,
– the Jesuit educational methods (experimenting and always assessing one’s own work, with the dedicated support of our faculty)
– an openness to knowledge and the willingness to learn
– human empowerment (by sharing values such as citizenship, teamwork, and mutual assistance).

Your life in Toulouse

PURPAN is located in Toulouse, in Southwestern France, one hour flight from Paris.

Toulouse is 4th largest city in France. At the crossroads of Europe, Toulouse is only 6 hours from Madrid, 4 hours from Barcelona, and 2 hours from many European countries. The city is also at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenean Mountains.

Located Toulouse in France’s most agricultural region, Toulouse remains attached to its tradition (famous for its unique red-brick buildings) but is also the 3rd largest scientific region and a growing high-tech centre.

Once you will be admitted at PURPAN, we will help you prepare your stay. Meanwhile, you might want to have a look at the following information :


favorite city to study in France


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“Grandes Écoles”


hours of sun per year on average


top class technical clusters

The Capitol Square in Toulouse


Should you have any questions on our international activity, on our partnerships or on your studies at PURPAN, please contact us :