About PURPAN – École d'Ingénieurs de PURPAN


Our courses are geared towards the leading sector for employment in France (14% of jobs) and span an extremely broad range of over 300 professions.

The School gives special emphasis to the fundamentals during the training process:

  • Acquisition of engineering skills
  • Personal development
  • Professional development with 15 months of supervised internships
  • Awarding of a general engineering diploma
  • Nine months’ international experience for nearly 100% of our students
  • Training in research and research-based training

Engineering diplomas are issued in the field of life sciences and lead to positions of responsibility in organisations and enterprises across France and abroad that recognise the importance of the qualities and aptitudes possessed by our engineers.

The interpersonal skills development methodology specifically championed by PURPAN instils a set of core values in our students that are highly sought after by the business world, including a strong attachment to the agricultural industry, on-the-ground proximity, adaptability, versatility and integrity

History & Values
History & Values

PURPAN was founded in 1919 by a community of Jesuit teachers and farmers. The School trains students as part of a five-year undergraduate course in general engineering.

Our specific approach
Our specific approach

An insight into their personal attributes and their ability to listen to others and accept themselves for the purpose of moving forward and finding their vocation in life

School organisational structure
School organisational structure

An organisational structure prioritising students and companies that is built on strong identities