The PURPAN School of Engineering in Toulouse and Toopi Organics are collaborating to collect human urine on campus and to set up a joint agronomic research and development programme to evaluate the benefits of using urino-sourced biosolutions.

Collecting urine on the PURPAN School of Engineering campus through the installation of waterless urinals

With its 1,500 students, the school's objective is to train future life science engineers who are strongly attached to the world of agriculture and to being close to the field. Deeply rooted in its region of south-west France, EI Purpan has been involved for many years in agro-ecological transition projects for the benefit of agricultural actors.
Sharing common values and a common vision, Toopi Organics naturally approached the PURPAN School of Engineering with the ambitious objective of collecting urine on a campus-wide basis. After studying the feasibility and the environmental and
and economic benefits of source-separated urine collection, the collection will be set up by Toopi Organics.
"The collaboration with Toopi Organics will indeed begin, as part of an initiative to reduce drinking water consumption, with a study of how to install waterless urinals in the current and future buildings - with a total surface area of more than 15,000 m² - on our Toulouse Campus, confirms Frédéric VIOLLEAU, Director of Research at the PURPAN School of Engineering. But the collaboration will also cover our second campus, in Lamothe."

A joint agronomic research and development programme

At the Lamothe Campus, a 218-hectare mixed crop-livestock farm that also belongs to the PURPAN School of Engineering, an agronomic R&D partnership will be set up for the use and technical, economic and environmental evaluation of the urino-sourced biosolutions developed by Toopi Organics.
This multi-year programme will address the subjects of plant nutrition, biostimulation, alternatives to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides in a regenerative and circular agriculture approach.
In addition to the scientific approach, the project will raise students' awareness of the benefits of recycling excreta as well as of the major agricultural issues of the day, by encouraging exchanges between teacher-researchers, farm staff and also with farmers and regional agricultural economic players.
"This partnership with the PURPAN School of Engineering, a major higher education establishment in the agronomic sciences, is essential for Toopi Organics in every respect, but even more so for the general interest offered by the recovery of urine", says Julien Saludas, agricultural engineer and R&D Director at Toopi. "It will meet the educational objective of actively involving students and future agricultural professionals in a new local and ecological sector and will benefit from the quality of its agronomic research and its experience in evaluating the technical and agri-environmental benefits of alternative solutions.

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