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You can become a change maker in the international luxury industry.

understand and master the entire value chain

Tomorrow’s luxury managers need to master the entire value chain,from local to global, from field to consumers.This is the only way to create sustainable value and resilient brands.

develop a unique mix of skills


Key skills

Understand the luxury industry in a systemic way, from field to store, on a local to global scale.Know and integrate luxury codes so you can smoothly enter an international brand or a maison.


Define and bring unique value to the market through R&D. Develop innovative agrofood systems solutions by aligning strategy, resources, and execution tactics.


Assess, report and resolve Corporate Social Responsibilities challenges and opportunities. Analyse and implement current and emerging responsible business practices.


a unique mix of skillstailored for sustainable luxury managers

Develop leadership in your team, company and sector.Champion excellence and transparency.Network with partners,  sponsors, institutions, researchers, thought leaders to promote sustainability.

Includes 3 study trips (France)Includes internshipAccessible to students and professionalsSelective admission process

1-year postgraduate programTaught in EnglishEcole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN (Grande Ecole)Based in Toulouse, South of France

Become a Responsible Leader

To tomorrow’s managers we propose a renewed vision:Corporate Social Responsibility is a key growth and competitivity factor.

Program Launching

September 2019

Admission Opening

January 2020

Program Starting

September 2020

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Discover sustainable luxury


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Welcome to Purpan, Toulouse, France

follow us on our journey to the roots of French Luxury

#VendrediVocabulary: « véraison »

Every Friday we’ll talk about a new word to give you a tiny glimpse at everything our students learn in the program. Today’s word is « véraison », and this is indeed a very seasonal one! « Véraison » or « veraison » is the change of color in grape berries. It signals the onset of ripening, and many chemicals processes Lire plus

Meet Eleonore Verfaillie, Future French Luxury Program Manager

What is your expertise, what do you teach, what are you bringing to the program? I’m a professor at Purpan where I teach mostly Marketing, with an emphasis on international and digital. I worked for a big advertising firm for years so I have extensive experience in advising global brands on smarter strategies and this Lire plus

Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the curriculum

CSR is the key competitivity factor of the future « Where does the product come from? Who created it? Who made it? Is it cruelty-free? What is its impact on health, the environment and climate change? » So many questions brands have to face today. A luxury brand which doesn’t embrace Corporate Social Responsibility now Lire plus

Our symbol: the Purpan Magnolia

This is our Magnolia flower! We introduce to you: our very own Magnolia. This symbol is based on the flower of our very own Magnolia Grandiflora « Purpan ». How gorgeous is this flower? They grow on a big tree which is one of the first things you see on campus as you walk uphill towards the Lire plus

Guess what symbol we picked for the program?

What does this represent for you? As we’re unveiling our logo, we’d like to know what you think this symbol represents. Let us know on our social channels and follow us for more clues.

A new vision for premium agrofood systems

What are the true foundations of luxury? Luxury is often believed to rely solely on marketing, creating value through marketing, branding, international development and selective retailing. We all have images in our heads of celebrities drinking champagne, red carpets, wonderful department stores windows. These clichés are seen all around the world. But limiting luxury to Lire plus

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