Exchange Opportunities

If your university/school has got a partnership agreement with us, you can come and study for an exchange period of a semester or a full year, as an Incoming student. You can also join for Double Degree opportunities if the agreement with our partner allows so.

Depending on the level of studies and the language of teaching, you can join one of the following programs:

– In French: “Programme Ingénieur”
– In English: IBC “International Bachelor Course”
– In English : Sustainable Luxury
– In English: Global Semester


Ingénieur for international students

A 5-year programme in agri-related topics: life science, agriculture, food science and technology, marketing, management and sustainability.
A semester under this programme allows students to obtain 30 ECTS.

The first 3 years are dedicated to acquiring enough scientific knowledge and background to understand agricultural production (plant and animal) and processing methods.
The students also discover interactions between different dimensions of the farm business, from a technical, economic and legal perspective.

The following 2 years allow students to understand land management, markets, environmental and economic issues.
They are trained to become project managers, produce data models, run simulations, and manage productions. They will be able to run a business, with sufficient knowledge in Marketing, Management, Finance, Accounting and Law.

The first 3 years correspond to Bachelor (BSc) level courses, and the last 2 years correspond to Master (MSc) level courses.
Exchange students will be welcomed in Year 3 and 4 of the program. Access is restricted to students with enough academic background and fluent in French.

A B2 level in French is recommended.
Nominated students will be invited to a remote interview to assess the level prior to admission.

Please contact your study abroad advisor to join one of our international programs.

IBC – International Bachelor Course

One or two semester program, up to 30 ECTS each semester.


Winemaking includes harvesting grapes, producing
wine and visiting vineyards!

Students tackle topics such as animal welfare,
animal nutrition and product quality but also
strategic management in agribusiness and
agricultural policies.

Courses are a mix of basic background information
and specific case studies
. Theoretical knowledge is
illustrated during the visits of farms and agribusiness


Winemaking covers the whole process:
from producing wine to its commercialising,
merchandising and sales internationally.

The food science module gives a broad view on the molecule’s interactions in food, food preservation and processing, food additives.
Students have a chance to design and produce their own traditional French food product in our facility (dairy, cheese, bread or pastry).
Food marketing and food innovation processes (how to produce innovative food products and apply all marketing tools) are also included in the program.

In spring practical work is reinforced by farms, shops and vineyards visits.

French language and intercultural issues of studying abroad classes

French classes are provided to enable students to deal with everyday situations, understand French cultural identity and communicate efficiently in a multicultural environment.
Available in Fall and Spring semesters.

Presentation of the IBC semester
IBC Program testimony
Presentation of the Sustainable Luxury semester

Sustainable Luxury

1 semester programme (up to to 30 ECTS) to discover a diversity of terroirs and products including wine & spirits, French gastronomy, beauty & perfumes, fashion.

The goal is to understand the value chain from farm
to stores in order to analyze how to create value (branding, retail, pricing…) in these international markets France is famous for.

After briefly reviewing major issues (climate change, biodiversity, inequalities…) the program covers corporate social responsibility strategies as well as evaluations, certifications and current best practices of sustainability in business.

International students and French students work alongside in to watch trends, interview professionals, conduct research and deliver a project to a client throughout the semester.

Global Semester

A one semester programme (up to 30 ECTS) in Spring only, for Advanced Bachelor or Master students 100% in English.
A global outlook on agro-food systems to Identify and understand current issues in their complexity and as systems including a diversity of actors, their perspectives, and their relationships.

Global Issues (Climate Change, Food Security, Biodiversity and Environment, Gender issues in Agriculture).

Global Business (Commodities, Geopolitics and French Food Trade, Working Across Culture, Better Business).

Each of the 8 modules is evaluated independently, with different assessment methods such as: video, MCQ, essay, oral presentation, synthesis, poster…

Language of tuition: English (Level required: level B1 minimum / level B2 recommended.)

Presentation of the Global Semester
Presentation of the SSAP

Summer Studies Abroad Program (SSAP)

A program designed to welcome students from specific partner universities* for either 4 or 8 weeks (June-July)
in a complete, “framed”, comfortable educational programme all inclusive. No French required.

Summer Programme consists of:

On-campus part (9 ECTS) :
– 2 weeks of general studies of French and European agriculture,
– then 2 weeks of specialized courses, either in Food science or in Viticulture and Enology.

Internship part (3 ECTS) is a 4-week placement in a farm or agri-related business (Vineyard, winery, cheese making farm, …). The Internship is optional and doesn’t lead to any additional cost.

Please contact your study abroad advisor to be nominated.

*Contact us for more information


  • Online nomination link and Fact Sheet are sent to our partners prior to the nomination period
  • Upon nomination, students are sent online application link and instructions
  • After validation of application, students will receive their Letter of Acceptance


Should you have any questions on our international activity, on our partnerships or on your studies at PURPAN, please contact us :