Engineering apprenticeship programme

From the start of the 2022 academic year, the PURPAN School of Engineering will offer you its engineering training by apprenticeship with the same expectations as the student training, apprentices being subject to the same academic evaluation process.

Apprenticeship is one of the axes of development of the PURPAN School of Engineering, in response to the needs of companies. The sandwich course allows students to gradually discover the profession of engineer in the company, during the three years of their training.

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Become an engineer manager for the agricultural and agri-food sectors
and invent the world of tomorrow.

Engineering apprenticeship programme

Bac +5 level

State-recognised level 6 diploma
from Purpan Engineering School


The engineering course lasts 5 years, or 10 semesters.


• 1st year: General or technological baccalaureate (S, STAV, STL, STI2D) and Bac+1 (PACES, L1, BCPST 1 or 2)
• 2nd year: BTS in agriculture or with scientific and biological content, BCPST 2 or 3, DUT in biological engineering – agronomy, Licence pro, Licence Bio 1 or 2, PACES 2 or 3, Post BTS, Post DUT
• 3rd year: Licence Pro, Post BTS validated, Post DUT validated, Licence Bio 2 or 3, Master 1.


• 4th year: a semester abroad
• 5th year: 6-month end-of-study internship

A 3-year apprenticeship programme

This sandwich course is designed to prepare students with a BTS, DUT or equivalent level for their future responsibilities as engineers in the field of agriculture, agri-food and the environment.

Pedagogical device

• Class of 30 apprentices
• 1800 hours of academic training
• Approximately 2800 hours of training in a company over 3 years, alternating between school and company.
• The courses are given on the PURPAN School of Engineering campuses

Double tutoring

Throughout their training, apprentices benefit from a double tutorship:

• in the company by the apprenticeship master
• at the PURPAN School of Engineering by a dedicated teacher-researcher

Together, the two tutors define the training activities, which are adapted on a case-by-case basis to the company and the apprentice’s career plan. A tripartite educational contract is signed. Each tutor guides the apprentice through his or her training in the company or at the school.

For regular and optimal progress throughout the apprentice-engineer’s training, the liaison periods make it possible to efficiently articulate the periods in the company and the periods at PURPAN.

During your 5 years of study you will acquire the skills of the engineer and you will experience 15 to 18 months of work experience.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Entering the 1st year :

Registration on ParcourSup

General or technological baccalaureate (STAV, STL, STI2D) and Bac+1 (PACES, L1, BCPST 1 or 2)

Entering the 2nd or 3rd year :

Request a file from the admissions department

• 2nd year: BTS in agriculture or with scientific and biological content, BCPST 2 or 3, DUT in biological engineering – agronomy, Licence pro, Licence Bio 1 or 2, PACES 2 or 3, Post BTS, Post DUT
• 3rd year: Licence Pro, Post BTS validated, Post DUT validated, Licence Bio 2 or 3, Master 1.
Admission to the 2nd or 3rd year is only possible if you have respectively 60 ECTS or 120 ECTS obtained via a scientific, biological, agronomic and/or agricultural training course (BTS, Preparatory class, BUT, PASS, Licence, Licence professionnelle, Master, etc.).


Following the engineering course, almost 50% of our students are in employment before graduation and 94% at the most 6 months after.

This diploma gives you access to more than 300 professions (+ those yet to be invented…)


Some examples of professions are available to you, such as:

• Scientific officer
• Research and Development Engineer
• Specialised consulting engineers

Human training and support


Human formation is the most important aspect of the school’s teaching, in terms of the number of hours over the five years. Stemming from Ignatian roots, it is the foundation of our pedagogical and human project. It is expressed in 5 essential points:

• To welcome you whatever your history.
• Favouring situational experiences: internships, international experiences, company projects, team projects, dissertations, etc.
• Organise the review of your experiences to identify possible improvements.
• Encourage the motivation and autonomy necessary for professional integration.
• Reveal your full potential through in-depth work on the softskills that will make the difference.

Individual and group projects will mark out your course, and teachers and professionals will be your partners.
Group work will be fundamental in the development of a taste for communication, in the discovery of complementarity, autonomy, responsibility, management or the duty of ethics.

Support and review

Each internship or educational operation is prepared and tutored by a teacher-researcher. The review, either individually or in groups, leads the student to assess his or her experiences. The teacher-researchers are there to listen, answer questions and provide guidance.

Our campus

PURPAN students are based on two campuses located in the Toulouse region.
THE TOULOUSE CAMPUS: The very heart of the School, where several thousand students have been trained.
LE CAMPUS DE LAMOTHE: The School’s farm where students benefit from a “field device.

Discover the virtual visit of the campus

Student life

Student life at the very heart of the School’s pedagogical and human project.
Human training at the School gives a major place to student life and to the involvement of each student in the service of others through a strong commitment to associations.
The Student Office coordinates the committees (sports, parties, internal events, conferences, etc.) and the many clubs and associations.

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