Meet Eleonore Verfaillie, Future French Luxury Program Manager – École d'Ingénieurs de PURPAN
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What is your expertise, what do you teach, what are you bringing to the program?

I’m a professor at Purpan where I teach mostly Marketing, with an emphasis on international and digital. I worked for a big advertising firm for years so I have extensive experience in advising global brands on smarter strategies and this is what I love to share with students. Having been part of start ups and having lived abroad, I also do cross-cultural communication and creativity training.

How did you become interested in sustainable luxury?

I worked on luxury accounts for years and became quite passionate about their uniqueness and creativity. I’ve loved working for ecological and ethical brands, mostly in the beauty and fashion sectors.

Then on a personal level, I’ve always been very engaged in green living and fighting climate change – I ride a bike, practice locavorism and zero-waste, and I’m on a challenge not to buy new clothes! I really became a foodie when I lived in the USA for 6 years. Only then did I realize how rich, diverse and deep French food culture is. We have a wonderful array of local fruits, vegetables and culinary specialties from cheese to cured meat to fish. The quality is simply incredible. I started making my own bread with my own sourdough, meeting winemakers, growing greens and turned into a coffee nerd.

What does « sustainable luxury » mean to you?

To me this is mostly about respecting all and everything that comes into the creations of these very unique products: the land they come from, the traditions, history, and know-how, the humans who made them. Very often people only see a brand, or a « créateur » and dont’ go further. But the top « créateurs » and chefs will tell you – this is not all their work, it is team work. If we don’t protect the eco-systems and humans forces we will lose our capacity to create incredible wines, food, fashion and cosmetics. And for France this would be a huge loss.

What do you expect from the program? What are you most curious about? What are you looking for?

I can’t wait to take students to Paris, which is my hometown, to the top gourmet stores, bakeries and wine cellars. But I’m also looking forward to seeing their faces when they walk in the vineyards and enter the cellars where our cheeses are made. It’s going to be a journey!

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