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The future of luxury is sustainability

Let's go back to the roots of luxury, the very foundations of its value: exceptional products born from unique places and traditions, know-how and innovation... So we can build sustainable agrofood systems and strong global brands.

Tomorrow’s luxury managers need to master the entire value chain, from local to global, from field to consumers.

A unique set of skills tailored for tomorrow's sustainable luxury managers

  • Luxury Codes Cracking
  • Sustainable Management
  • Innovation for Value
  • Transformative Leadership
The curriculum covers a diverse palette of prestige agrofood systems:
  • The pillars of French gastronomy such as wine, champagne, cheeses, cured meat, oysters...
  • The specialty and niche markets such as olive oil, citruses, spices and herbs...
  • The agro resources going into the fashion and beauty industries such as leather, silk, linen, perfume plants...

The Fall-Winter Semester is dedicated to intensive courses:

  •  400 hours classes = 45 ECTS total
  • taught in English
  • taught by professionals, experts and academics
  • on campus at PURPAN, Toulouse, Southern France
  • includes many workshops, business cases, an international market study, a food design lab, and a business game (entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship).
  • includes 3 study trips : Luxury Retail (Paris) / Excellence at Work (France) / Social & Environmental Issues (Europe)
  • includes one-to-one mentorship by industry leaders

Each student will complete a 6 months internship in a company of his choice (global brands, start ups, producers, retailers) in France or abroad.

The internship will be evaluated and validated (30 ECTS) by a professional thesis which will be presented to a jury of professionals and academics.

The program welcomes students from all nationalities and backgrounds:

  • Students having graduated with a Master degree or equivalent (French Bac+5) or more
  • Professionals with a Bachelor level (French Bac+3) and at least 3 years of professional experience in a field and position relevant to the program

A fluent level of English is necessary to enter the program.  It will be a selection criteria, proved through test score (ex: TOEFL, TOEIC) as well as interviews.

Program starts September 2020

Application process starts January 2020

Application will be sent by emails and a first round of interviews will be requested in video format.











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