The research strategy rests on two major pillars

  • A culture of excellence through the development of quality work highlighted by scientific publication scientifique
  • An orientation deliberately targeted at the expectations of companies and socio-professional environments



In the Research teams, this strategy is divided into 5 strands:

  • Choice of the subjects to be tackled and validation of their relevance for the construction of partnerships and responding to calls for projects
  • Relying on scientific networks , whether local (business poles, 'University of Toulouse' PRES (Research and Higher Education Pole) etc. laboratories), national or international (partner universities in Europe, in the United States, in South America etc.)
  • Increasing the qualifications of the lecturers/researchers (accreditation to supervise research), which enables us to accept PhD students who are training through research
  • Recognition of the benefits and scientific skills through integration into the Mixed Research Units (UMR) at INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) or CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre) on the Toulouse site
  • Transferring technologies and expertise to companies (auditing and consultancy, creation through the capital-investment company at the School)

This strategy, both at institutional level and as employed by the research teams, has been discussed and approved by the Scientific Council.