A message from the Dean

'Guiding you to freedom is our mission'

Firmly anchored in its roots and values, the PURPAN Engineering School offers you a pedagogical, professional and human project, built on 3 main pillars:

  • The courses offered to the students who, over the 5-year duration, will benefit from the excellence of the teaching staff, international activities and the strength of the research teams.
    The strong interaction during the course among the 3 major players: the students, the companies and the lecturers/researchers. The result is intense professionalisation which enables each student to gradually construct their future professional roadmap.
    Human development, which is the largest module over the 5 years in terms of the number of hours studied, offers each student the chance to understand the bases of their personality and develop their managerial abilities through learning and interaction with others.

Constructing your personality will therefore lie at the heart of our project. The intensive support, provided by the educational team, will be the key to this chance for fulfilment.

The senior managers of tomorrow will be those have managed to develop a feeling for professional activities and human relationships within their companies.

We will live every moment of this project with you.

We are proud of this and hope that your greatest desire when joining us will be to 'Have a successful life as an engineer'


                                                                         Michel Roux
                                                    Dean and Managing Director






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