Projects during the studies

Various teaching activities take place in conjunction with companies throughout the 5-year engineering course

Below you will find a description of 5 of them which are particularly suitable for dealing with company- and internship-related questions: the bibliographical dissertation and the 4th-year project described below, and the 3 internships which you can find out about in the following section.

The bibliographic dissertation

It is rare that when one tackles an issue, other people, whether in France or abroad have not already studied the same subject or something similar.

Before any research/development activities, one must evaluate the question which may be raised by a company.

Contact : JL Monlon Borrel

4th-year project

The 4th-year project is student group work which involves studying a concrete, multidisciplinary subject where scientific, technical and economic data are closely linked.

Often this project will deal with the organisation of a sector, a role or a company's product. Students, supported by a lecturer/researcher, are encouraged to:

  •  Formalise the company's problem
  •  Propose and implement a working method
  •  Make realistic suggestions

The company which delivers the project plays an active role in the key steps of the work.

Contact : Aline Dumont